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A time saving for production and reaching the new standard for you

Adjusted Pressure

Easy to operate control allows pressure to be adjusted based on the thickness of the material you are transferring. Clamshell design, space saving design allows plenty of working room while keeping your hands a safe distance from the heated element. It could transfer colorful photos ,words on cap, suitable for producing gifts, decorations.

More is Better

Magnetic auto-open cap press, with molded cap silicon, this cap press enables you to print the front, back and sides of a cap easily. Progressive designed molded cap silicon helps to reduce creasing and scorching. It also heat-free workspace, touch screen settings, live digital time, temperature readouts.

All Feature of 1-Cap Label Heatpress

Semi-Auto OTC Pressure

Locks down easily with magnetic assist. Provides Over The-Centre (OTC) pressure and high watt density to ensure consistently even print results.

LCD Controller

 LCD controller super precise in Temp control and read-out, timing countdowns like an clock. Featured with Max. 120mins stand-by function make it energy saving and safety.

Firm Hook

 New Hook Cap design that can be fixed very well and easy to operate once the press start or finish. Make each of the caps extending well.


Hydraulic structure, the overall structure of the machine is strong.

Adjustable Pressure

Adjust the pressure by rotating the button to adapt to different material thicknesses.

Fixing Pad

Silicone pad and controllable handles can hold the hat firmly and will not make the pattern print crooked.


  • Intelligent LCD display thermostat controller, accurate temperature control (±1°C).
  • Pressure adjustment, convenient and flexible.
  • Aluminum heating plate, electric heating tube and plate body are poured into one body, with even heating and durability.
  • The surface of the heating surface is coated with a high temperature resistant anti-sticking layer for easy cleaning and oxidation (Teflon coated surface)
  • Worktables are equipped with high-temperature elastic foam silicone, 400°C invariable

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