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Providing a Range of Industrial Grade Pro Heatpress

OneTextiles, the one heatpress brand for heat transfer printing and curing application on Textiles, Garments, T-shirts, Gifts, Bags & more substrates than you can ever imagine. OneTextiles is a hybrid from researches involving Japanese, China & Asia Heat Transfer Printing Technology users.


Assembled in Singapore and endorsed by Brother International for it’s solidly built quality and stability complement use with Brother’s flagship Direct to Garment Printer.


All One Textiles machine has been tested & proven to run 24-hours non-stop operation for all heat transfer activities ranging from dye sublimation, vinyl transfer and direct to garment.

Firm Build

Built with matte black firm cast iron with that professional cool looking machine it’s suitable for most events, industry and retail.

Trust by Brands

One Textiles has been widely used by retail, commercial, home user and even industry including big brands like Hot Wheels, Puma, Adidas, Nike, Ralph Lauren, and more!

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