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Achieving the


1M20 Heatpress helps achieving quality and high standard for your printing

OneTextiles 1M20 Heat Press

LCD Touchscreen

Colored LCD Touch Control

1 Matic

1-Matic Opening Ability


Teflon wrap heat resistant



High quality



Providing a range of industrial grade

OneTextiles, the one heatpress brand for heat transfer printing and curing application on Textiles, Garments, T-shirts Gifts, Bags & more substrates than you can even imagine. Onetextiles is a hybrid from researches involving Japanese, China & Asia Heat Transfer Printing Technology users.

OneTextiles 1M20 Heat Press
Why choose us ?


Durable build


Compact for spaces


24-Hours stress tested


High quality finishing


Accurate precise temperature


Endorsed by Brother International

1M20 Function & Features

Onetextiles 1M20 is the most popular heatpress machine proven to run for 24 Hours without any issue. the only heatpress you need for all the materials.

  • Fast Heating Element
  • Precision CNC Moulded Frame
  • Teflon Heat Resistance Fabric
  • Colored LCD Touch Control
  • Dust-resistant Powder Coated
  • Heavy Duty Lower Rubber Pad
  • 1-Matic Opening Ability
  • Emergency Unlock-opening
  • Teflon Coated Non-Stick Heatplate
  • Firm Cast iron Frames

OneTextiles has been used for corporate event, retail store, outdoor and indoor event, branded apparels, industrial production, small business owner, home user, and many more.

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