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4 in 1 Multifunction

Onetextiles Mugpro Heatpress is build with 4 in1 multifunctional , with four sizes mug attachments, to make sure the outcome and colors are present perfectly. Mugpro Heatpress able to heat transfer colorful pictures onto ceramics mugs,cups and glasses.

Digital Controller

Mugpro heatpress comes with new digital controller with safety function. This smart controller has two temperatures which is working and protective temperature. The purpose for protective temperature is to protect mug heating element without a mug and causes damage.

All Feature of Mugpro Heatpress


  • Intelligent LCD display thermostat controller, accurate temperature control.

  • Worktables are equipped with high-temperature elastic foam silicone, 400°C invariable.
  • Heating surface is coated with high temperature resistant anti sticking layer for easy cleaning and oxidation.

  • The heat press pressure adjustment is very convenient and flexible.

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